Pond Videos

Hi, and welcome to my Backyard-Pond-Guide videos.

On this page you will see some different videos of my backyard pond.Here you can see different videos of backyard ponds.  Right now the only videos I have are of my pond.  The main thing I want to show you is how ponds change over the course of the year.  I'll be adding more as time allows me to.

If you should happen to have any pond videos on YouTube, feel free to let me know and I would be happy to put them here on this page so everyone can see.

Pond Video Number 1

 Shot on April 11, 2008

Description: Notice how plain everything looks.  It's only April here in Ohio and it takes a little time for the pond to start looking better after a long winter.


Pond Video Number 2

Shot on April 23, 2008

Description: In this video, we're feeding our hungry fish.  Notice a lot of the flowers are coming out.


Pond Video Number 3

Shot on May 5, 2008

Description: This video has a great shot of our large Koi.   She's about 15 years old and was about 3 inches long when we got her.


Pond Video Number 4

Shot on May 24, 2008

Description: This next video was taken during the early evening hours.  It's a little dark.  Notice that everything around the pond is growing like crazy.


Pond Video Number 5

Shot on June 5, 2008

Description: The video below is a collection of different ponds that were send in by the visitors of   You can send yours in too.

I hope you enjoyed these pond videos.   As I said I will try and add some more whenever I get around to shooting some more.