Garden Pond Pictures

Below are some more garden pond pictures to take a look at.

As more and more people send me pictures of their garden pond, I have extended another page of pond pics.  This is it.  I also have another page of some pond pictures.  You can check it out to see what other people have done with their pond and maybe get some ideas. 

Feel free to send me a picture of your garden pond, I would be more than happy to put it up so everyone can see it.  I have to admit, you people really come up with some great ideas while building your pond.

The pictures of some different garden ponds can be found below.

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From Oregon, a picture of Dave and Susan's garden pond. Pete started with this preformed pond liner.  See next picture. Preformed pond liner, Pete made this great looking pond. This is a fantastic idea.  Ross built this one. Great job! This is another picture of Dave and Susan's pond.


Another pond season. Picture of our backyard garden pond. This is a picture of our big koi fish in our backyard garden pond. These are a few of our fish. Notice the big Koi. Look very closely at the piece of driftwood, see two baby turtles. Plenty of Water Hyacinths makes for good coverage.


Someone from New Jersey sent this picture of their pond. Philip sent in this picture of his backyard pond. Good job Phil. This is a picture of our backyard pond as it is freezing over. We got a new turtle for pond. We hope this one stays. Ken and Debbie from S. Carolina sent in this picture of their water garden.


A small pond next to your deck is a great idea. Thanks Todd. This is another view of a water garden next to their deck. Cindy from PA sent in this picture of her backyard pond. John and Debbie say the only thing left is the waterfall. Kenneth sent this in.  Just added some submerged pond plants. 


This is an overhead view of Kenneth's pond. Darlana from NJ sent in this picture of her 3 year old pond. Paul from Iowa submitted this picture of his pond. Mike from Pennsylvania shows off his backyard garden pond.  This is a Koi fish pond in Tennessee.  Owner unknown.


Shajuana sent in this picture of her Koi fish pond. Lore from Michigan put a lot of work into this great pond. Here's a neat picture of a downhill waterfall. This is a nice little pond sent in from Shane who lives in Florida.  A nice setting for a pond.  Sent in from Lynn and Audry from MI.


Ann from N. Carolina sent in this great looking pond. Denean from MN sent in this cute picture of the girls enjoying the pond. Kelly from Alabama showed what you can make above the ground. Hazel sent in this picture of her great looking backyard pond.  Reserved for future pond picture.

Hopefully you can get some great ideas for your own backyard garden pond.  Again, send me a picture of yours so I can put it up for everyone to see.  Bob  More Pond Pictures