Pond Pictures

These are some different pond pictures to have a look at.  They spark some good ideas for your own backyard pond.

If you would like to submit a picture of your pond, I would be happy to put it up here at Backyard-Pond-Guide.com for the world to see.

I think most pond lovers would like to see different pond pictures from other people from around the world, I really think it adds some interest and could possibly give you some good ideas.  Come on, everyone likes to look at pictures, be a part of it and send yours in.

You can simply e-mail them to me and I'll do the rest, feel free to add a little caption, along with your name and state or country.  I think it would be really neat if I could get a bunch of you out there to send me some of your pond pictures.  Come on, don't be shy! I'll put them up the day I receive them, thanks!  You can send them to Bob at Backyard-Pond-Guide.com.

Take A Look At Some Pond Pictures From All Over

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Having frogs in your pond is just one of the neat things to see. This is a picture of Pam's pond. Nice looking pond! Another shot of Pam's pond. Good job on your pond Pam. This is Stacey's pond. A lot of work and well done! Stacey's beautiful pond with the April flowers.


Another great looking shot of Stacey's pond.  Sweet. Billy's pond. You put a lot of work and effort into it. Great job! Here are some of Billy's fish in this picture. Comets are neat! Billy's stream from his backyard pond on a winter day. This is Dave's pond, a work in progress. Very nice!


A shot of Dave's frog. Just sitting around taking it easy. Another view of Dave's pond. Great picture of your pond! This is Pam's dog Baily checking out the frogs.  Our turtle on a log taking it easy. It later ran away. Hyacinths begin to take over.  They multiply very fast.


Here's a picture of my backyard pond.  Originally built in 1994. This is a picture of Phil's 2 ponds. Great idea to have Phil. Our waterfall as it flows into our pond.  Nice to listen to. This is from RK. Nice! A lot of green in and around the pond. Another one from RK. Nice setting and placement of your pond.


This is a great picture of Mike's Pond. Great job Mike! A view of Mike's frozen waterfalls. Pretty neat looking. Picture of Dave's Pond. A Very nice and well done job Dave! Here's a picture as Mary begins digs her backyard pond. Another one of Mary's pond as she digs it.  Notice the ledge.


This is the final outcome of Mary's pond. Great job! Another view of Mary's final pond. Thanks for sharing. This is Ron's pond from California. Fantastic job! This is a picture of our pond with camera lens fogged up. This is a picture of our pond in May of 2008. Notice the color.


A picture of Deborah's pond. I think this pond is really neat! The fantastic looking colors around Deborah's pond. Another great picture of Deborah's backyard pond. Deborah's pond during the winter. I wish our winters were like this. A picture of my backyard pond in December of 2008.


Vicki's nice little backyard pond.  Very neat looking Vicki. This is Shane's Pond from Florida.  It's a pretty big pond. This is an updated picture of our pond from May of 2009. Here is a great looking pond from Angelo from Delaware. Here is another angle shot of Angelo's backyard pond.


This is a picture taken in mid July 2010 of how well our Water Hyacinths are doing. They grow so fast. This is a picture of our large Koi fish taken on Septenber 7, 2010. It's still doing great after 16 years. Cyndi from Florida sent this picture of her pond. Well done Cyndi and keep up the great work!
This is another angle of Cyndi's pond. This is a great example of how you may want your pond to look.
Please feel free to submit your own picture or pictures of your pond.  I would love to put them up.

Always feel free to send me your pond pictures of your backyard pond so I can put them up on this site for everyone to see.  Just send them to: Bob at Backyard-Pond-Guide.comMore Garden Pond Pictures.